A New Method to Investigate RECA Therapeutic Effect

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Liu, Xiangyu


Oldham, Mark

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Introduction: RECA (Radiotherapy Enhanced with Cherenkov photo- Activation) is a novel treatment that induces a synergistic therapeutic effect by combining conventional radiation therapy with phototherapy using the anti-cancer and potentially immunogenic drug, psoralen. This work presents a novel method to investigate the therapeutic effect of RECA using rat brain slices and the agarose- based tissue equivalent material. Methods: 4T1 mCherry Firefly Luciferase mouse breast cancer cells are placed on the brain slice after exposed to psoralen solution. Taking fluorescent imaging of the brain slices every day after irradiation, an independent luciferase imaging was taken after the fifth fluorescence imaging. Using different imaging processing and analysis method to identify the cells. Result: Four analyzing method give different result about the fluorescence signal or luminescence signal. The overall trend of the fluorescence signal is rising over day, reaches the lowest point at 48 hours after irradiation. Control group (no radiation and no Cherenkov lights) has the lowest signal compared with other groups. The signal of brain slices with 4T1 cells exposed to psoralen solution is lower than that of brain slices without psoralen exposition. Conclusion: This work shows that rat brain slice can be used to simulate in vivo environment in exploring the therapeutic effect of RECA. Future work should focus on improving the image analyze method to better identify cells and noises.


Master's thesis


DKU - Medical Physics Master of Science Program




Physics, Therapy, Psoralen, Radiation therapy, rat brain slices, RECA



Liu, Xiangyu (2020). A New Method to Investigate RECA Therapeutic Effect. Master's thesis, Duke University. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10161/21429.


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