Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition).

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Jiang, Xuejun

Jiang, Xuejun

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Ketteler, Robin

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Kim, Jae-Sung

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Kim, Michael D

Kim, Moon-Moo

Kim, Peter K

Kim, Seong Who

Kim, Soo-Youl

Kim, Yong-Sun

Kim, Yonghyun

Kimchi, Adi

Kimmelman, Alec C

Kimura, Tomonori

King, Jason S

Kirkegaard, Karla

Kirkin, Vladimir

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Kitaoka, Yasushi

Kitazato, Kaio

Kley, Rudolf A

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Klinkenberg, Michael

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Knævelsrud, Helene

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Kovacs, Werner J

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Kramer, Helmut

Kravic-Stevovic, Tamara

Kravic-Stevovic, Tamara

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Krishnamurthy, Malathi

Kriston-Vizi, Janos

Kroemer, Guido

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Kruger, Rejko

Ktistakis, Nicholas T

Kuchitsu, Kazuyuki

Kuhn, Christian

Kumar, Addanki Pratap

Kumar, Anuj

Kumar, Ashok

Kumar, Deepak

Kumar, Dhiraj

Kumar, Rakesh

Kumar, Sharad

Kundu, Mondira

Kung, Hsing-Jien

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Kuo, Sheng-Han

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Kwon, Yong Tae

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La Spada, Albert R

Lafont, Frank

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Lane, Jon D

Lanzi, Cinzia

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Lavie, Lena

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Law, Helen Ka-Wai

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Leung, Hing Y

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Lezoualc'h, Frank

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Li, Faqiang

Li, Feng-Jun

Li, Jun

Li, Ke

Li, Lian

Li, Min

Li, Min

Li, Qiang

Li, Rui

Li, Sheng

Li, Wei

Li, Wei

Li, Xiaotao

Li, Yumin

Lian, Jiqin

Liang, Chengyu

Liang, Qiangrong

Liao, Yulin

Liberal, Joana

Liberski, Pawel P

Lie, Pearl

Lieberman, Andrew P

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Lim, Kah-Leong

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Lin, Fangming

Lin, Fu-Cheng

Lin, Kui

Lin, Kwang-Huei

Lin, Pei-Hui

Lin, Tianwei

Lin, Wan-Wan

Lin, Yee-Shin

Lin, Yong

Linden, Rafael

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Lindqvist, Lisa M

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Liu, Chong

Liu, Chun-Feng

Liu, Fei

Liu, Hung-Jen

Liu, Jianxun

Liu, Jing-Jing

Liu, Jing-Lan

Liu, Ke

Liu, Leyuan

Liu, Liang

Liu, Quentin

Liu, Rong-Yu

Liu, Shiming

Liu, Shuwen

Liu, Wei

Liu, Xian-De

Liu, Xiangguo

Liu, Xiao-Hong

Liu, Xinfeng

Liu, Xu

Liu, Xueqin

Liu, Yang

Liu, Yule

Liu, Zexian

Liu, Zhe

Liuzzi, Juan P

Lizard, Gérard

Ljujic, Mila

Lodhi, Irfan J

Logue, Susan E

Lokeshwar, Bal L

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López-Otín, Carlos

López-Vicario, Cristina

Lorente, Mar

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Los, Marek

Lotze, Michael T

Lovat, Penny E

Lu, Binfeng

Lu, Bo

Lu, Jiahong

Lu, Qing

Lu, She-Min

Lu, Shuyan

Lu, Yingying

Luciano, Frédéric

Luckhart, Shirley

Lucocq, John Milton

Ludovico, Paula

Lugea, Aurelia

Lukacs, Nicholas W

Lum, Julian J

Lund, Anders H

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Luo, Jia

Luo, Shouqing

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Ma, Yi

Ma, Yong

Ma, Zhenyi

Machado, Juliano

Machado-Santelli, Glaucia M

Macian, Fernando

MacIntosh, Gustavo C

MacKeigan, Jeffrey P

Macleod, Kay F

MacMicking, John D

MacMillan-Crow, Lee Ann

Madeo, Frank

Madesh, Muniswamy

Madrigal-Matute, Julio

Maeda, Akiko

Maeda, Tatsuya

Maegawa, Gustavo

Maellaro, Emilia

Maes, Hannelore

Magariños, Marta

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Maiti, Tapas K

Maiuri, Luigi

Maiuri, Maria Chiara

Maki, Carl G

Malli, Roland

Malorni, Walter

Maloyan, Alina

Mami-Chouaib, Fathia

Man, Na

Mancias, Joseph D

Mandelkow, Eva-Maria

Mandell, Michael A

Manfredi, Angelo A

Manié, Serge N

Manzoni, Claudia

Mao, Kai

Mao, Zixu

Mao, Zong-Wan

Marambaud, Philippe

Marconi, Anna Maria

Marelja, Zvonimir

Marfe, Gabriella

Margeta, Marta

Margittai, Eva

Mari, Muriel

Mariani, Francesca V

Marin, Concepcio

Marinelli, Sara

Mariño, Guillermo

Markovic, Ivanka

Marquez, Rebecca

Martelli, Alberto M

Martens, Sascha

Martin, Katie R

Martin, Seamus J

Martin, Shaun

Martin-Acebes, Miguel A

Martín-Sanz, Paloma

Martinand-Mari, Camille

Martinet, Wim

Martinez, Jennifer

Martinez-Lopez, Nuria

Martinez-Outschoorn, Ubaldo

Martínez-Velázquez, Moisés

Martinez-Vicente, Marta

Martins, Waleska Kerllen

Mashima, Hirosato

Mastrianni, James A

Matarese, Giuseppe

Matarrese, Paola

Mateo, Roberto

Matoba, Satoaki

Matsumoto, Naomichi

Matsushita, Takehiko

Matsuura, Akira

Matsuzawa, Takeshi

Mattson, Mark P

Matus, Soledad

Maugeri, Norma

Mauvezin, Caroline

Mayer, Andreas

Maysinger, Dusica

Mazzolini, Guillermo D

McBrayer, Mary Kate

McCall, Kimberly

McCormick, Craig

McInerney, Gerald M

McIver, Skye C

McKenna, Sharon

McMahon, John J

McNeish, Iain A

Mechta-Grigoriou, Fatima

Medema, Jan Paul

Medina, Diego L

Megyeri, Klara

Mehrpour, Maryam

Mehta, Jawahar L

Mei, Yide

Meier, Ute-Christiane

Meijer, Alfred J

Meléndez, Alicia

Melino, Gerry

Melino, Sonia

de Melo, Edesio Jose Tenorio

Mena, Maria A

Meneghini, Marc D

Menendez, Javier A

Menezes, Regina

Meng, Liesu

Meng, Ling-Hua

Meng, Songshu

Menghini, Rossella

Menko, A Sue

Menna-Barreto, Rubem Fs

Menon, Manoj B

Meraz-Ríos, Marco A

Merla, Giuseppe

Merlini, Luciano

Merlot, Angelica M

Meryk, Andreas

Meschini, Stefania

Meyer, Joel N

Mi, Man-Tian

Miao, Chao-Yu

Micale, Lucia

Michaeli, Simon

Michiels, Carine

Migliaccio, Anna Rita

Mihailidou, Anastasia Susie

Mijaljica, Dalibor

Mikoshiba, Katsuhiko

Milan, Enrico

Miller-Fleming, Leonor

Mills, Gordon B

Mills, Ian G

Minakaki, Georgia

Minassian, Berge A

Ming, Xiu-Fen

Minibayeva, Farida

Minina, Elena A

Mintern, Justine D

Minucci, Saverio

Miranda-Vizuete, Antonio

Mitchell, Claire H

Miyamoto, Shigeki

Miyazawa, Keisuke

Mizushima, Noboru

Mnich, Katarzyna

Mograbi, Baharia

Mohseni, Simin

Moita, Luis Ferreira

Molinari, Marco

Molinari, Maurizio

Møller, Andreas Buch

Mollereau, Bertrand

Mollinedo, Faustino

Mongillo, Marco

Monick, Martha M

Montagnaro, Serena

Montell, Craig

Moore, Darren J

Moore, Michael N

Mora-Rodriguez, Rodrigo

Moreira, Paula I

Morel, Etienne

Morelli, Maria Beatrice

Moreno, Sandra

Morgan, Michael J

Moris, Arnaud

Moriyasu, Yuji

Morrison, Janna L

Morrison, Lynda A

Morselli, Eugenia

Moscat, Jorge

Moseley, Pope L

Mostowy, Serge

Motori, Elisa

Mottet, Denis

Mottram, Jeremy C

Moussa, Charbel E-H

Mpakou, Vassiliki E

Mukhtar, Hasan

Mulcahy Levy, Jean M

Muller, Sylviane

Muñoz-Moreno, Raquel

Muñoz-Pinedo, Cristina

Münz, Christian

Murphy, Maureen E

Murray, James T

Murthy, Aditya

Mysorekar, Indira U

Nabi, Ivan R

Nabissi, Massimo

Nader, Gustavo A

Nagahara, Yukitoshi

Nagai, Yoshitaka

Nagata, Kazuhiro

Nagelkerke, Anika

Nagy, Péter

Naidu, Samisubbu R

Nair, Sreejayan

Nakano, Hiroyasu

Nakatogawa, Hitoshi

Nanjundan, Meera

Napolitano, Gennaro

Naqvi, Naweed I

Nardacci, Roberta

Narendra, Derek P

Narita, Masashi

Nascimbeni, Anna Chiara

Natarajan, Ramesh

Navegantes, Luiz C

Nawrocki, Steffan T

Nazarko, Taras Y

Nazarko, Volodymyr Y

Neill, Thomas

Neri, Luca M

Netea, Mihai G

Netea-Maier, Romana T

Neves, Bruno M

Ney, Paul A

Nezis, Ioannis P

Nguyen, Hang Tt

Nguyen, Huu Phuc

Nicot, Anne-Sophie

Nilsen, Hilde

Nilsson, Per

Nishimura, Mikio

Nishino, Ichizo

Niso-Santano, Mireia

Niu, Hua

Nixon, Ralph A

Njar, Vincent Co

Noda, Takeshi

Noegel, Angelika A

Nolte, Elsie Magdalena

Norberg, Erik

Norga, Koenraad K

Noureini, Sakineh Kazemi

Notomi, Shoji

Notterpek, Lucia

Nowikovsky, Karin

Nukina, Nobuyuki

Nürnberger, Thorsten

O'Donnell, Valerie B

O'Donovan, Tracey

O'Dwyer, Peter J

Oehme, Ina

Oeste, Clara L

Ogawa, Michinaga

Ogretmen, Besim

Ogura, Yuji

Oh, Young J

Ohmuraya, Masaki

Ohshima, Takayuki

Ojha, Rani

Okamoto, Koji

Okazaki, Toshiro

Oliver, F Javier

Ollinger, Karin

Olsson, Stefan

Orban, Daniel P

Ordonez, Paulina

Orhon, Idil

Orosz, Laszlo

O'Rourke, Eyleen J

Orozco, Helena

Ortega, Angel L

Ortona, Elena

Osellame, Laura D

Oshima, Junko

Oshima, Shigeru

Osiewacz, Heinz D

Otomo, Takanobu

Otsu, Kinya

Ou, Jing-Hsiung James

Outeiro, Tiago F

Ouyang, Dong-Yun

Ouyang, Hongjiao

Overholtzer, Michael

Ozbun, Michelle A

Ozdinler, P Hande

Ozpolat, Bulent

Pacelli, Consiglia

Paganetti, Paolo

Page, Guylène

Pages, Gilles

Pagnini, Ugo

Pajak, Beata

Pak, Stephen C

Pakos-Zebrucka, Karolina

Pakpour, Nazzy

Palková, Zdena

Palladino, Francesca

Pallauf, Kathrin

Pallet, Nicolas

Palmieri, Marta

Paludan, Søren R

Palumbo, Camilla

Palumbo, Silvia

Pampliega, Olatz

Pan, Hongming

Pan, Wei

Panaretakis, Theocharis

Pandey, Aseem

Pantazopoulou, Areti

Papackova, Zuzana

Papademetrio, Daniela L

Papassideri, Issidora

Papini, Alessio

Parajuli, Nirmala

Pardo, Julian

Parekh, Vrajesh V

Parenti, Giancarlo

Park, Jong-In

Park, Junsoo

Park, Ohkmae K

Parker, Roy

Parlato, Rosanna

Parys, Jan B

Parzych, Katherine R

Pasquet, Jean-Max

Pasquier, Benoit

Pasumarthi, Kishore Bs

Patschan, Daniel

Patterson, Cam

Pattingre, Sophie

Pattison, Scott

Pause, Arnim

Pavenstädt, Hermann

Pavone, Flaminia

Pedrozo, Zully

Peña, Fernando J

Peñalva, Miguel A

Pende, Mario

Peng, Jianxin

Penna, Fabio

Penninger, Josef M

Pensalfini, Anna

Pepe, Salvatore

Pereira, Gustavo Js

Pereira, Paulo C

Pérez-de la Cruz, Verónica

Pérez-Pérez, María Esther

Pérez-Rodríguez, Diego

Pérez-Sala, Dolores

Perier, Celine

Perl, Andras

Perlmutter, David H

Perrotta, Ida

Pervaiz, Shazib

Pesonen, Maija

Pessin, Jeffrey E

Peters, Godefridus J

Petersen, Morten

Petrache, Irina

Petrof, Basil J

Petrovski, Goran

Phang, James M

Piacentini, Mauro

Pierdominici, Marina

Pierre, Philippe

Pierrefite-Carle, Valérie

Pietrocola, Federico

Pimentel-Muiños, Felipe X

Pinar, Mario

Pineda, Benjamin

Pinkas-Kramarski, Ronit

Pinti, Marcello

Pinton, Paolo

Piperdi, Bilal

Piret, James M

Platanias, Leonidas C

Platta, Harald W

Plowey, Edward D

Pöggeler, Stefanie

Poirot, Marc

Polčic, Peter

Poletti, Angelo

Poon, Audrey H

Popelka, Hana

Popova, Blagovesta

Poprawa, Izabela

Poulose, Shibu M

Poulton, Joanna

Powers, Scott K

Powers, Ted

Pozuelo-Rubio, Mercedes

Prak, Krisna

Prange, Reinhild

Prescott, Mark

Priault, Muriel

Prince, Sharon

Proia, Richard L

Proikas-Cezanne, Tassula

Prokisch, Holger

Promponas, Vasilis J

Przyklenk, Karin

Puertollano, Rosa

Pugazhenthi, Subbiah

Puglielli, Luigi

Pujol, Aurora

Puyal, Julien

Pyeon, Dohun

Qi, Xin

Qian, Wen-Bin

Qin, Zheng-Hong

Qiu, Yu

Qu, Ziwei

Quadrilatero, Joe

Quinn, Frederick

Raben, Nina

Rabinowich, Hannah

Radogna, Flavia

Ragusa, Michael J

Rahmani, Mohamed

Raina, Komal

Ramanadham, Sasanka

Ramesh, Rajagopal

Rami, Abdelhaq

Randall-Demllo, Sarron

Randow, Felix

Rao, Hai

Rao, V Ashutosh

Rasmussen, Blake B

Rasse, Tobias M

Ratovitski, Edward A

Rautou, Pierre-Emmanuel

Ray, Swapan K

Razani, Babak

Reed, Bruce H

Reggiori, Fulvio

Rehm, Markus

Reichert, Andreas S

Rein, Theo

Reiner, David J

Reits, Eric

Ren, Jun

Ren, Xingcong

Renna, Maurizio

Reusch, Jane Eb

Revuelta, Jose L

Reyes, Leticia

Rezaie, Alireza R

Richards, Robert I

Richardson, Des R

Richardson, Des R

Richetta, Clémence

Riehle, Michael A

Rihn, Bertrand H

Rikihisa, Yasuko

Riley, Brigit E

Rimbach, Gerald

Rippo, Maria Rita

Ritis, Konstantinos

Rizzi, Federica

Rizzo, Elizete

Roach, Peter J

Robbins, Jeffrey

Roberge, Michel

Roca, Gabriela

Roccheri, Maria Carmela

Rocha, Sonia

Rodrigues, Cecilia MP

Rodríguez, Clara I

de Cordoba, Santiago Rodriguez

Rodriguez-Muela, Natalia

Roelofs, Jeroen

Rogov, Vladimir V

Rohn, Troy T

Rohrer, Bärbel

Romanelli, Davide

Romani, Luigina

Romano, Patricia Silvia

Roncero, M Isabel G

Rosa, Jose Luis

Rosello, Alicia

Rosen, Kirill V

Rosenstiel, Philip

Rost-Roszkowska, Magdalena

Roth, Kevin A

Roué, Gael

Rouis, Mustapha

Rouschop, Kasper M

Ruan, Daniel T

Ruano, Diego

Rubinsztein, David C

Rucker, Edmund B

Rudich, Assaf

Rudolf, Emil

Rudolf, Ruediger

Ruegg, Markus A

Ruiz-Roldan, Carmen

Ruparelia, Avnika Ashok

Rusmini, Paola

Russ, David W

Russo, Gian Luigi

Russo, Giuseppe

Russo, Rossella

Rusten, Tor Erik

Ryabovol, Victoria

Ryan, Kevin M

Ryter, Stefan W

Sabatini, David M

Sacher, Michael

Sachse, Carsten

Sack, Michael N

Sadoshima, Junichi

Saftig, Paul

Sagi-Eisenberg, Ronit

Sahni, Sumit

Saikumar, Pothana

Saito, Tsunenori

Saitoh, Tatsuya

Sakakura, Koichi

Sakoh-Nakatogawa, Machiko

Sakuraba, Yasuhito

Salazar-Roa, María

Salomoni, Paolo

Saluja, Ashok K

Salvaterra, Paul M

Salvioli, Rosa

Samali, Afshin

Sanchez, Anthony Mj

Sánchez-Alcázar, José A

Sanchez-Prieto, Ricardo

Sandri, Marco

Sanjuan, Miguel A

Santaguida, Stefano

Santambrogio, Laura

Santoni, Giorgio

Dos Santos, Claudia Nunes

Saran, Shweta

Sardiello, Marco

Sargent, Graeme

Sarkar, Pallabi

Sarkar, Sovan

Sarrias, Maria Rosa

Sarwal, Minnie M

Sasakawa, Chihiro

Sasaki, Motoko

Sass, Miklos

Sato, Ken

Sato, Miyuki

Satriano, Joseph

Savaraj, Niramol

Saveljeva, Svetlana

Schaefer, Liliana

Schaible, Ulrich E

Scharl, Michael

Schatzl, Hermann M

Schekman, Randy

Scheper, Wiep

Schiavi, Alfonso

Schipper, Hyman M

Schmeisser, Hana

Schmidt, Jens

Schmitz, Ingo

Schneider, Bianca E

Schneider, E Marion

Schneider, Jaime L

Schon, Eric A

Schönenberger, Miriam J

Schönthal, Axel H

Schorderet, Daniel F

Schröder, Bernd

Schuck, Sebastian

Schulze, Ryan J

Schwarten, Melanie

Schwarz, Thomas L

Sciarretta, Sebastiano

Scotto, Kathleen

Scovassi, A Ivana

Screaton, Robert A

Screen, Mark

Seca, Hugo

Sedej, Simon

Segatori, Laura

Segev, Nava

Seglen, Per O

Seguí-Simarro, Jose M

Segura-Aguilar, Juan

Seki, Ekihiro

Sell, Christian

Seiliez, Iban

Semenkovich, Clay F

Semenza, Gregg L

Sen, Utpal

Serra, Andreas L

Serrano-Puebla, Ana

Sesaki, Hiromi

Setoguchi, Takao

Settembre, Carmine

Shacka, John J

Shajahan-Haq, Ayesha N

Shapiro, Irving M

Sharma, Shweta

She, Hua

Shen, C-K James

Shen, Chiung-Chyi

Shen, Han-Ming

Shen, Sanbing

Shen, Weili

Sheng, Rui

Sheng, Xianyong

Sheng, Zu-Hang

Shepherd, Trevor G

Shi, Junyan

Shi, Qiang

Shi, Qinghua

Shi, Yuguang

Shibutani, Shusaku

Shibuya, Kenichi

Shidoji, Yoshihiro

Shieh, Jeng-Jer

Shih, Chwen-Ming

Shimada, Yohta

Shimizu, Shigeomi

Shin, Dong Wook

Shinohara, Mari L

Shintani, Michiko

Shintani, Takahiro

Shioi, Tetsuo

Shirabe, Ken

Shiri-Sverdlov, Ronit

Shirihai, Orian

Shore, Gordon C

Shu, Chih-Wen

Shukla, Deepak

Sibirny, Andriy A

Sica, Valentina

Sigurdson, Christina J

Sigurdsson, Einar M

Sijwali, Puran Singh

Sikorska, Beata

Silveira, Wilian A

Silvente-Poirot, Sandrine

Silverman, Gary A

Simak, Jan

Simmet, Thomas

Simon, Anna Katharina

Simon, Hans-Uwe

Simone, Cristiano

Simons, Matias

Simonsen, Anne

Singh, Rajat

Singh, Shivendra V

Singh, Shrawan K

Sinha, Debasish

Sinha, Sangita

Sinicrope, Frank A

Sirko, Agnieszka

Sirohi, Kapil

Sishi, Balindiwe Jn

Sittler, Annie

Siu, Parco M

Sivridis, Efthimios

Skwarska, Anna

Slack, Ruth

Slaninová, Iva

Slavov, Nikolai

Smaili, Soraya S

Smalley, Keiran Sm

Smith, Duncan R

Soenen, Stefaan J

Soleimanpour, Scott A

Solhaug, Anita

Somasundaram, Kumaravel

Son, Jin H

Sonawane, Avinash

Song, Chunjuan

Song, Fuyong

Song, Hyun Kyu

Song, Ju-Xian

Song, Wei

Soo, Kai Y

Sood, Anil K

Soong, Tuck Wah

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