Financially Viable Sustainability Solutions in Multifamily Residential Properties

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Drucker and Falk is a family-owned real estate company that focuses on third-party fee management of multifamily properties. Through isolated LED retrofit projects, Drucker and Falk realized the environmental and financial benefits of sustainability projects and is now seeking to implement financially viable sustainability solutions for its whole portfolio of more than 350 properties. In order to provide solutions that work for all Drucker and Falk properties, this study created a best practices guide and interactive Excel-based models that Drucker and Falk can use to identify and analyze potential sustainability strategies. This project then conducted case studies, applying the provided tools to three Drucker and Falk properties in order to demonstrate the process and benefits of increased sustainability practices. The case studies revealed potential environmental benefits and cost savings in utility bill management, lighting retrofits, pool pump alterations, and future building design. The tools provided by this project, along with the case study findings, will be used as a foundation for additional analysis and implementation of sustainability projects across the entire Drucker and Falk portfolio.





Long, Adam, and Colin Walker (2018). Financially Viable Sustainability Solutions in Multifamily Residential Properties. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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