Integrating Life Cycle Assessment in AT&T's Product Eco-Rating System

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Barrs, Danielle

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AT&T Inc. is an American communications holding company whose subsidiaries and affiliates are providers of AT&T services, including wireless services. In connection with its Citizenship & Sustainability (C&S) efforts, AT&T requires that wireless devices carrying its brand be rated based on a number of environmental factors. These factors are assessed and devices are given an eco-rating of 1-5 stars. Now, AT&T is looking to incorporate life cycle assessment (LCA) into this product eco-rating system. This Master’s Project serves as a reference guide to assist AT&T in the integration of LCA in their eco-ratings. It also serves as the foundation for a business strategy roadmap which leverages the incorporation of LCA in corporate sustainability initiatives. This enhances transparency, reliability and innovation – not only as it relates to the company itself, but in helping consumers and other organizations forge a more sustainable future in an ever-evolving world. This report begins with an overview of sustainability initiatives at AT&T, followed by a breakdown of the company’s product eco-rating system. Subsequent sections consist of an LCA overview and roadmap, an analysis of emerging trends in the ICT industry with regards to life cycle and impact assessment, and recommendations for further development of AT&T’s C&S efforts in this regard.





Barrs, Danielle (2015). Integrating Life Cycle Assessment in AT&T's Product Eco-Rating System. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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