Understanding the Experiences and Needs of Military-Affiliated Students at Duke

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During the Spring 2022 semester, the Research and Instructional Services department at Duke University Libraries conducted a study to better understand the library and campus experiences of military-affiliated students at Duke University. Overall, this research study focused on qualitative data gathering, using two semi-structured interviews and background research in the form of a literature review to help develop recommendations. The goal of this study was to help improve Duke Libraries services and resources to better meet the unique needs of the Duke military-affiliated student population, and to better understand this group’s experiences within the Libraries. There were four themes that appeared from the two interviews and background research: one, that military-affiliated students are older than the average civilian student; two, the drive to “try it out themselves first” before asking for help; three, the heavy use of online resources, versus using the libraries physical space; and four, how the library website can be confusing when first starting out. In the end, the study highlighted six recommendations for the future (see page 12 for additional details): one, develop partnerships with campus veteran and military organizations; two, create a library orientation and tour for military-affiliated students; three, designate a military library liaison; four, publish a military student LibGuide; five, design veteran-targeted training sessions; and six, offer training for library staff.






Arnsberg, Emily, and Jodi Psoter (2022). Understanding the Experiences and Needs of Military-Affiliated Students at Duke. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10161/25395.

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