Developing Key Performance Indicators for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Planning

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This document from the Resilience Roadmap project recommends a common approach to developing key performance indicators (KPIs) for climate change adaptation and resilience planning, drawing upon current science and tools referenced throughout. The work is particularly aimed to support climate adaptation and resilience planning by US federal agencies and thus presents principally US national-level data and online resources. The approach is broadly applicable across agencies, sectors, and systems and can also be applied by state or local planners and adaptation/resilience practitioners. The KPI development approach includes:

  1. Setting the scope and goals of climate adaptation and resilience planning, following a stepwise process.
  2. Developing KPIs to track performance and guide adaptive management, following a core set of ten process and five outcome indicators.

This methods brief includes contributions from Beth Gibbons, Lara Hansen, Jesse Keenan, Susanne Moser, Mark Rupp, Josh Sawislak, Laurie Schoeman, and Forbes Tompkins.






Boltz, Frederick, Liz Losos, Rachel Karasik and Sara Mason (2022). Developing Key Performance Indicators for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Planning. Retrieved from



Sara Mason

Senior Policy Associate

Sara Mason joined the Ecosystem Services Program at the Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability as a policy associate after graduating from Duke with a master’s degree in environmental management. Her work focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of biodiversity conservation and how that can be leveraged to engage the public and policy makers in conservation efforts. Prior to joining the Nicholas Institute, Sara worked in ecological field research and endangered animal rehabilitation.

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