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    • A Probabilistic Approach to Receptive Field Mapping in the Frontal Eye Fields. 

      Mayo, J Patrick; Morrison, Robert M; Smith, Matthew A (Frontiers in systems neuroscience, 2016-01)
      Studies of the neuronal mechanisms of perisaccadic vision often lack the resolution needed to determine important changes in receptive field (RF) structure. Such limited analytical power can lead to inaccurate descriptions ...
    • Dynamics of visual receptive fields in the macaque frontal eye field. 

      Mayo, J Patrick; DiTomasso, Amie R; Sommer, Marc A; Smith, Matthew A (J Neurophysiol, 2015-12)
      Neuronal receptive fields (RFs) provide the foundation for understanding systems-level sensory processing. In early visual areas, investigators have mapped RFs in detail using stochastic stimuli and sophisticated analytical ...
    • The Neurophysiology of Social Decision Making 

      Klein, Jeffrey Thomas (2010)
      The ultimate goal of the nervous systems of all animals is conceptually simple: Manipulate the external environment to maximize one's own survival and reproduction. The myriad means animals employ in pursuit of this goal ...