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Negative Point Mass Singularities in General Relativity

dc.contributor.advisor Bray, Hubert L Robbins, Nicholas Philip 2007-08-24T14:53:20Z 2007-08-24T14:53:20Z 2007-08-03
dc.description.abstract First we review the definition of a negative point mass singularity. Then we examine the gravitational lensing effects of these singularities in isolation and with shear and convergence from continuous matter. We review the Inverse Mean Curvature Flow and use this flow to prove some new results about the mass of a singularity, the ADM mass of the manifold, and the capacity of the singularity. We describe some particular examples of these singularities that exhibit additional symmetries.
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dc.subject Mathematics
dc.title Negative Point Mass Singularities in General Relativity
dc.type Dissertation
dc.department Mathematics

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