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dc.description Senior Honors Thesis en_US
dc.description.abstract This Senior Honors Paper examines the recent and current changes in the fascinating and volatile apparel industry. Why have some countries increased their export market share while others have lost their competitive edge in the global arena of apparel manufacturing? Are low wages the only indicator of apparel export competitiveness? What is the impact of international trade regulations and worldwide governance indicators such as regulatory quality? I explore the effect of international trade regulations and non-trade variables. More specifically, I theoretically and empirically analyze the effects the Multi-Fiber Arrangement, wages, and regulatory quality on apparel export competitiveness across countries since 1995. A cross-national empirical analysis had never been pursued covering a year-by-year analysis of the last decade and a half, a period where vast changes have shaped the apparel export market. Additionally, most of the research conducted in this topic is based on either a managerial, social and environmental, or strictly trade-related sphere. The significance of this Senior Honors Thesis lies in its contribution to the literature as a whole by enlarging the number of countries and years studied, by expanding the analysis across fields, and by taking the methodology of the existing research one step further. This study is also significant for policy-makers, as it will allow them to further understand regulatory versus non-regulatory impacts in export competitiveness. In the case of apparel manufacturing in developing countries, this analysis will enlighten policy-makers on the industry’s current situation and its impact on their economies. Additionally, it is also valuable for fashion company executives in order to learn about the effect of indicators outside the factors of apparel production. Lastly, this study is valuable for students of political science, economics, business, fashion management, and anyone interested in better understanding the political and economic implications of the one of the most competitive, global and rapidly changing industries. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.subject Apparel en_US
dc.subject Export competitiveness en_US
dc.subject Fashion en_US
dc.subject Multi-Fiber Arrangement en_US
dc.subject Apparel manufacturing wages en_US
dc.subject Regulatory Quality en_US
dc.title BEHIND THE RUNWAY: A Global Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Apparel Export Competitiveness in the Last Fifteen Years en_US
dc.department Political Science en_US

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