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Water Risks & Opportunities in North Carolina’s Textile Industry: A Management Guide

dc.contributor.advisor Bennear, Lori Snyder Clift, Jonathan 2013-04-26T15:40:31Z 2013-04-26T15:40:31Z 2013-04-26
dc.description.abstract Textiles have been a critical driving force in North Carolina’s economy, identity, and history. Textiles have always depended heavily on North Carolina’s water resources, evident when one realizes that much of North Carolina’s water infrastructure was built around thriving textile operations. However, North Carolina faces increasingly tangible challenges as we look to the future. Climate change and related droughts, along with a growing population and associated demand impose pressures on our precious water supply and the infrastructure that treats it and delivers it. Textile firms in North Carolina face risks that stem from these challenges. Water scarcity, interruptions in supply, or degradation in quality can pose catastrophic impacts for an industry where water is the lifeblood of its operations. I incorporate findings from literature, interviews, and plant visits to develop an understanding of water related issues the industry faces. These sources suggest that the textile industry in North Carolina is characterized by overwhelming heterogeneity and a preliminary finding emerged that a more engaged approach will be required. I conclude by proposing a process-based, strategic engagement approach founded on principles and an operational framework for addressing water issues: collaborative engagement, the real opportunity.
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject North Carolina, Textile Complex, Engagement, Water, Infrastructure, Strategy
dc.title Water Risks & Opportunities in North Carolina’s Textile Industry: A Management Guide
dc.type Master's project
dc.department Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences

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