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North Carolina Teacher Perceptions of School Turnaround Efforts

dc.contributor.advisor Johnson, James DeNeal, Jennifer 2013-05-13T19:14:31Z 2013-05-13T19:14:31Z 2013-05-13
dc.description.abstract This exploratory pilot study utilizes in-depth interviews to gain baseline information in anticipation of a larger, mixed methods study examining North Carolina teacher perceptions of school turnaround efforts. Results of the pilot study indicate that teachers do in fact feel conflicting signals, complain of insufficient planning time, intervention knowledge gaps and burdensome administrative work associated with school turnaround efforts. Despite certain negative feedback, the pilot study teachers indicated an interest in receiving help and bettering their practice as educators. Future research should work to expand this research by implementing large scale survey methodologies and incorporating analysis of school principal management and communication strategies.
dc.language.iso en
dc.subject elementary education
dc.subject teacher perceptions
dc.subject school reform
dc.subject qualitative research
dc.title North Carolina Teacher Perceptions of School Turnaround Efforts
dc.type Master's project
dc.department The Sanford School of Public Policy

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