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Non-recurrent Wideband Continuous Active Sonar

dc.contributor.advisor Krolik, Jeffrey L Soli, Jonathan Boyd 2015-01-28T18:11:21Z 2016-01-21T05:30:05Z 2014
dc.description.abstract <p>The Slow-time Costas or "SLO-CO" Continuous Active Sonar (CAS) waveform shows promise for enabling high range and velocity revisit rates and wideband processing gains while suppressing range ambiguities. SLO-CO is made up of non-recurrent wideband linear FM chirps that are frequency staggered according to a Costas code across the pulse repetition interval. SLO-CO is shown to provide a near-thumbtack ambiguity functions with controllable sidelobes, good Doppler and range resolution at high revisit rates. The performance of the SLO-CO waveform was tested using the Sonar Simulation Toolset (SST) as well as in the shallow water Target and Reverberation Experiment 2013 (TREX13). For both the real and simulated results, the performance of the SLO-CO is compared to the conventional CAS waveform. Amplitude-Range-Velocity (ARV) processing of SLO-CO experimental trials reveal that relatively high direct blast sidelobes mask the target peak. Methods of suppressing the direct blast are discussed including adaptive filtering and re-designing the waveform.</p>
dc.subject Electrical engineering
dc.subject Acoustics
dc.subject continuous active sonar
dc.subject Costas
dc.subject detection
dc.subject localization
dc.subject waveform design
dc.title Non-recurrent Wideband Continuous Active Sonar
dc.type Master's thesis
dc.department Electrical and Computer Engineering
duke.embargo.months 12

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