Naturally Cleaning the Waters of the Snake River



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The degraded water quality of the Snake River is the result of generations of farming, but it can be improved by continuing to study and implement better management practices. Several water quality projects have been completed across the Upper Snake Rock Subbasin, with mixed impact. In order to maximize the use of resources, a single plan has been developed to guide the implementation of future projects. Existing literature and completed studies have shown the results of eutrophication, likely sources of nutrients, and the impact of management practices, but none have been combined into one report that can be used to guide what types of projects should be implemented where within the subbasin. This MP has attempted to simplify and consolidate the information to enable parties to best implement effective projects. It includes a description of a myriad of best management practices and their efficacy. By using this plan, conservationists in Southern Idaho will best use the meager resources available to rebuild the Snake River.





Allred, Wade (2020). Naturally Cleaning the Waters of the Snake River. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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