Condition Based Maintenance of Lead Acid Batteries and Environmental Responsibility

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Condition Based Maintenance of Lead Acid Batteries and Environmental Responsibility By Asgeir Kristoffersen May 2010

The increase in demand for electrical energy is putting pressure on outdated utility infrastructures and services at the same time that advances in business operations are requiring stable and sufficient sources of power for sensitive operations. A key component of the electrical grid is energy storage and lead acid batteries remain the most cost effective solution. The efficient and prudent use of lead is at best difficult at a time that lead acid batteries are being called upon to provide backup power for critical power applications. This study seeks to use lead acid batteries efficiently thereby reducing the amount of lead acid in our environment. The research consisted of a case study of US electrical power substations, an integral part of the power grid. The case analysis compared traditional maintenance practices of lead acid batteries versus the use of battery condition monitoring. There is a strong business case to be made for investing in condition monitoring to manage the battery assets within power substations. This will ensure that the batteries will function when required. The case study demonstrated that once condition monitoring was installed the number of preventative maintenance visits to a remote site was reduced by 85% with a commensurate reduction in the number of medium duty trucks on the nation’s roads. The avoided CO2 emissions presented a compelling argument for condition monitoring. Condition monitoring and the resultant condition based maintenance will drive infrastructure reliability higher and result in the more efficient use of lead acid batteries with the added benefit of CO2 reductions. There are hundreds of other applications for this technology and with strong management buy-in it is possible to overcome the resistance to change from traditional maintenance practices.





Kristoffersen, Asgeir (2010). Condition Based Maintenance of Lead Acid Batteries and Environmental Responsibility. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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