Strengthening Urban Primary Healthcare Service Delivery through the Use of eHealth Programs - The SUPER Study in Peru

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Background: Primary healthcare is an important facet of non-communicable disease treatment and eHealth is a viable strategy to strengthen PHC in urban low-middle income settings such as in Lima, Peru. This study aimed to describe the current use of eHealth technologies in primary healthcare settings in urban Peru, assess the perceived effectiveness of eHealth technologies in NCD service delivery at the PHC level, and identify barriers and facilitators to the utilization of eHealth technologies at the PHC level.

Methods: In-depth interviews using a semi-structured interview guide were conducted among identified and invited policy makers, researchers and experts, and healthcare workers in Lima, Peru. Three districts in Lima were selected and interviews with healthcare workers were conducted at facilities from those districts. Interviews were transcribed and thematic analysis was utilized to identify themes in the data.

Results: A total of 14 participants were interviewed, including 2 policymakers, 5 experts, and 7 healthcare workers. Current use of eHealth were electronic medical records and telehealth applications. Participants were in favor of eHealth use and perceived eHealth as being effective. Human resources and digital literacy were factors cited as facilitators while data security, political climate, and compatibility were seen as barriers to implementation and utilization of eHealth.

Conclusions: The use of eHealth in Peru is still in its early stages, particularly in PHC settings and for service delivery of NCDs. At the intersection of these three topics there has been little progression of integration and utilization. Sentiment towards eHealth among researchers, policymakers, and healthcare workers is high and a number of barriers must be addressed to implement and utilize eHealth and reap its benefits.






Lu, Hongsheng (2020). Strengthening Urban Primary Healthcare Service Delivery through the Use of eHealth Programs - The SUPER Study in Peru. Master's thesis, Duke University. Retrieved from


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