Developing Environmental Sustainability Metrics A Study of Harley-Davidson Dealerships

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Abstract Developing Environmental Sustainability Metrics A Study of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Dealerships By Matthew J. Redmann, CHMM May 2011

The Harley-Davidson dealership network has 600 locations in the United States. Currently there is no common methodology to measure the impact that these dealerships have on the environment. With no method to measure the environmental impact there is little that can be done to reduce impact.

This project developed a common way to assess environmental sustainability at a Harley dealership. Any environmental sustainability metric has to be relevant to the business, simple to use, provide dynamic feedback, and reveal performance levels. Examples of environmental sustainability metrics and similar dealership programs were reviewed to see if the knowledge was transferable.

Once a metric was developed a survey was sent out to Harley dealerships to validate the metric performance. The metric uses both non-normalized and normalized energy, waste and water data to complete the environmental picture. Due to inconsistent waste and water data in the sample, only the energy metric was tested. The non-normalized energy metric is the annual energy consumed BTU per square foot of building (building performance). The normalized energy metric is annual energy consumed BTU per square foot / annual dealer revenue (operational performance).

The metric is able to detect both good and poor performance and provide information to help dealers make decisions to make improvements. This metric can be used at any dealership regardless of size or location. Additional research using the metrics developed could be used to develop an environmental strategy guide for Harley-Davidson dealerships.


Dr. Deborah Rigling-Gallagher, Advisor 4/25/2011___________ Date Master's Project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Environmental Management degree in the Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University May 2011





Redmann, Matthew (2011). Developing Environmental Sustainability Metrics A Study of Harley-Davidson Dealerships. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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