Improving Access of Climate Information for Communities Vulnerable to Drought in California

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State governments are recognizing the unequal impacts of natural hazards across communities and are mobilizing to focus resilience-building efforts in the communities that need it most. In California, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research is interested in assessing community vulnerability to drought in the San Joaquin Valley (SJV), a highly-productive agricultural region home to many diverse and disadvantaged communities. In the SJV, climate change, wetland loss, and intense water demand have exacerbated natural drought cycles. In this project, I used geospatial analysis to develop two new indices to spatially identify SJV communities vulnerable to drought. I also conducted nine interviews with practitioners involved in drought resilience work in the SJV to learn about 1) the types of sources they use to obtain climate information for drought planning, and 2) the recommendations they have for the State to improve information-sharing. I found that there are ample opportunities for the State to improve the usability and applicability of State resources for local practitioners working to build resilience to drought.





Bliska, Hanna (2024). Improving Access of Climate Information for Communities Vulnerable to Drought in California. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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