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Desertification is a prisoner of history: An essay on why young scientists should care Reynolds, James F 2021-12-28T17:03:42Z 2021-12-28T17:03:42Z
dc.identifier.issn 1697-2473
dc.description.abstract <jats:p>Since its origins, the concept of desertification has been shrouded in controversy and ambiguity. As a result, no single definition of the term has been acceptable; there is no agreement on its extent or seriousness; and the solutions proposed are often disparate and counterproductive. This essay suggests all of this is due to the concept of desertification being a permanent ‘prisoner of history’, a historical process led by the United Nations Convention on Desertification (UNCCD). In this essay, I describe why the prisoner of history narrative applies to the concept of desertification. To do this, I review the historical events that built a metaphorical prison for desertification; show why definitions of the term ‘desertification’ are products of this prison; describe how so much misunderstanding and confusion in this field has led to real, negative consequences; and lastly, provide recommendations to young scientists as to how to avoid becoming incarcerated in this prison.</jats:p>
dc.publisher Asociacion Espanola de Ecologia Terrestre (AEET)
dc.relation.ispartof Ecosistemas
dc.relation.isversionof 10.7818/ecos.2302
dc.title Desertification is a prisoner of history: An essay on why young scientists should care
dc.type Journal article Reynolds, James F|0116580 2021-12-28T17:03:41Z
pubs.begin-page 2302
pubs.end-page 2302
pubs.issue 3
pubs.organisational-group Nicholas School of the Environment
pubs.organisational-group Environmental Sciences and Policy
pubs.organisational-group Duke
pubs.publication-status Published online
pubs.volume 30

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