McIntosh SEED: A Case Study for Community Forest Planning

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Archer, Audrey
Zambello, Erika


Urban, Dean L.

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Community forestry offers the opportunity to both strengthen sustainable environmental management while building on community assets. However, these types of forest programs require both that the community is involved in various aspects of the decision-making process, and that the community benefits economically, recreationally, and/or educationally. McIntosh SEED, a grassroots nonprofit organization, purchased 1,159 acres of land situated in the coastal flatwoods of Georgia, with the goal of designating it as the McIntosh SEED Community Forest. The primary objective of this project is the development of The McIntosh SEED Community Forest Master Plan, which plays a crucial role in achieving their vision for the forest. The plan consists of three parts; the first involves an analysis of the community’s interests in relation to the forest using a combination of focus groups, interviews, and surveys. The second part is multi-faceted and site-specific, including an environmental assessment and site plan. The third and final part is also multi-faceted and moves beyond the site itself, addressing community accessibility and key communication and funding strategies. The community access assessment included a service area and competitive landscape analysis. As a case study, this process is applicable to the development of future community forests. By following the methodologically rigorous steps used in this plan, future organizations can incorporate community feedback and ecological assessments to design the ideal community forest program for their unique environmental and social circumstances.





Archer, Audrey, and Erika Zambello (2015). McIntosh SEED: A Case Study for Community Forest Planning. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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