Developing a Strategic Framework for Sustainability Investments in Real Estate

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The Master’s project “Developing a Strategic Framework for Sustainability Investments in Real Estate” is a continuation of its predecessor project titled “Financially Viable Sustainability Solutions for multi-family sector” (Long & Walker, 2018). The client, Drucker and Falk (D&F) is a real estate management company that focuses on third-party fee-based management of multifamily residential properties. D&F initiated the project to explore possible energy retrofit measures and continued it into the second year to explore additional savings measures and move closer towards finding a business value in sustainability. To evaluate the prospect and realize the vision, the present team audited two D&F properties for energy, landscaping and sustainability best practices and retrofits and created respective guides to serve as templates. Additionally, the project team collaborated with a software team at the Pratt School of Engineering to create a web-based delivery platform for these decision tools and guides. The intention behind the delivery package was to make the project outputs easy to use and customizable, while providing the necessary decision-making tools for maintenance managers, property managers and corporate. The final goal of the project is to equip and assist D&F in executing sustainability measures on its properties and market the same for increased business revenue and clientele.





Du, Honglin, Piyush Gambhir, Yuanwei Li and Mengting Xu (2019). Developing a Strategic Framework for Sustainability Investments in Real Estate. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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