Supply Chain ESG Compliance Strategy at Aptar

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AptarGroup (Aptar) is a global leader in packaging manufacturing with a robust environmental and social governance (ESG) program. Aptar recently began a partnership with EcoVadis, a market leader in environmental and social supply chain reporting but did not previously have procedures in place to engage with suppliers or ensure supply chain transparency. The objective of this Master’s Project was to create a comprehensive supply chain compliance roadmap to provide guidance on bringing suppliers on to the EcoVadis platform, verify responses, and work with suppliers who have ESG reporting structures that are independent of EcoVadis. The roadmap outlines how compliance will be managed by Aptar through audits, evaluation of the risk level of suppliers who do not respond to EcoVadis surveys, and proactive networking programs to foster engagement and collaboration across their value chain. Recommendations in this report were informed by market research on supply chain management best practices within and outside of the packaging industry, and a literature review. They include: 1) recommendations for supplier Engagement, 2) a decision tree for risk assessment and to determine an appropriate audit schedule for all suppliers, 3) future suggestions for supply chain collaboration, and 4) a phased roll-out strategy to implement these recommendations.





Ding, Kelly, Angela Gamber, James Jurcak and Adrienne Shook (2021). Supply Chain ESG Compliance Strategy at Aptar. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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