Diferencias y disparidades de salud para la comunidad hispana en Durham

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Due to multiple factors including language and culture, predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods in Durham County may experience health differently than other areas in the county. In conjunction with the Durham County Department of Public Health, culturally and linguistically sensitive health surveys were given to Durham neighborhoods with 50% or more Hispanics to assess if and how they may experience health differently from the rest of the county. Results indicate that people from these neighborhoods are less likely to have a primary care physician and less likely to have health insurance than those from the county at large. Additionally, these communities face large amounts of discrimination and often do not get the emotional support that they need. Lastly, as a result of unsafe neighborhoods and other important factors, obesity and diabetes are a large problem within these communities. In addition to the language barrier and culture, other more structural issues like economic and environmental factors are some of the causes that can lead to adverse health outcomes in these communities. While health education resources do exist within the county, they are not commonly known and could be made more readily available.





Lovvorn, Carter (2020). Diferencias y disparidades de salud para la comunidad hispana en Durham. Honors thesis, Duke University. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10161/20566.

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