An Integrated Approach to Coastal Zone Management of Abu Dhabi Western Region

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The emirate of Abu Dhabi is currently undergoing unprecedented economic development. This development is allowing new opportunities for growth in the private and industrial sectors while attracting tourists and leading to population growth. Continued development has increased demand for use of coastal and ocean space for various socio-economic and cultural activities. The Western Region in particular is being targeted for developmental projects due to the availability of unused land and an objective to boost the economic status of under-developed areas within the Abu Dhabi emirate. Information was gathered on the government setting and relevant environmental legislation, the current and future uses of the coastal and ocean area as well as the natural and anthropogenic stresses that the natural environment faces. This paper then analyzed the adequacy of the current structure in facing the challenges of meeting multiple objectives for use of the coastal zone and minimizing the occurrence of conflicts. The Western Region provides an opportunity to incorporate environmental planning in the early stages of development. The challenges to attaining sustainable development are outlined and recommendations are provided to implement better management through the use of Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Marine Spatial Planning approaches.





Al-Harthi, Suaad (2008). An Integrated Approach to Coastal Zone Management of Abu Dhabi Western Region. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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