Implementation of a Hospital Medicine Morbidity and Mortality Conference and Mortality Review Using a Structured Mortality Instrument.









Jonathan Gregory Bae

Associate Professor of Medicine

Patient safety and quality improvement, hospital based performance improvement, care transitions and hospital readmissions, general internal medicine hospital care, resident and medical student education.


Joseph Alan Govert

Professor of Medicine

I am trying to focus my research efforts in two specific areas, the medical intensive care unit, and clinical lung cancer research. Within the intensive care unit I am specifically interested in clinical trials and outcome evaluation. My interest in lung cancer centers on the clinical and cost effectiveness of various diagnostic procedures.

In the intensive care unit I am specifically involved in clinical trials for the adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). At the present time I am on the steering committee for the NIH ARDS clinical trial network. We are currently enrolling patients in clinical protocols studying the effects of ventilator strategies, as well as novel therapeutic agents in the outcome of ARDS. I am also interested in ICU outcome research including statistical modeling of ICU outcomes.

My interest in lung cancer research centers on evaluating the efficacy of diagnostic tests in the diagnosis of pulmonary malignancy. I have retrospectively and prospectively evaluated bronchoscopic procedures, comparing the sensitivity and specificity of various techniques as well as their cost-effectiveness. I am also currently analyzing the clinical utility and cost-effectiveness of positron emission tomography in the diagnosis of lung cancer.

Key words: clinical trials, medical intensive care, lung cancer diagnostic testing


David Michael Gallagher

Professor of Medicine

I am currently the Chief Medical Officer at Duke University Hospital. As CMO I am a member of the senior leadership team that positively impacts the strategies, goals, and objectives at our hospital. I also help support Duke Clinical Automated Laboratories in a clinical consultant role. I am a Professor of Medicine at Duke University. My faculty career track is as a Clinician Leader – Administrator with an emphasis on Clinical Practice Advancement. I have 25+ years of physician leadership experience with previous roles as Chief of Duke Hospital Medicine Programs and Associate CMO of Duke University Hospital. As a clinically active hospitalist, I actively teach learners as an attending physician for Duke Hospital General Medicine Teaching Services caring for patients at DUH and other venues. I am board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine with a Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine, current in that board’s Maintenance of Certification Program, and have achieved the designation and recognition as a Senior Fellow in Hospital Medicine through the Society of Hospital Medicine. The themes of my scholarly output include readmissions reduction, venous thromboembolism risk in hospitalized older adults, physical activity in hospitalized older adults, mentorship programs for hospitalists, quality improvement teaching to residents, and hospitalist workflow improvements.

My Twitter handle is @DGallagherMD

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