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In response to the emerging centrality of environmental education within corporate strategy frameworks, the Duke Environment+ MP Program aims to develop business models that integrate sustainability practices into organizational culture. Along the way, the project not only can help fulfill market needs, but identify collaboration opportunities, increase alumni engagement, attract a more diverse pool of individuals, increase program global recognition to Better Serve the NSOE Community.

A comprehensive methodological approach was employed, beginning with an in-depth SWOT and competitive analysis to identify market needs and positioning. The SWOT analysis highlighted strengths such as the program's unique positioning within an independent environmental school and opportunities including market expansion through innovative course offerings. The competitive analysis revealed gaps in current market offerings, particularly in specialized training for sustainability practices and ESG integration.

The program explored seven business model options, including three internally generated models and four externally generated models. Internally generated models is composed of programs like Alumni Direct, Alumni Advance, and Training the Trainer. The four externally generated models include 1. Summer Camp program which targets high school students in China with sustainability-focused curricula 2. Empowering China ESG program which provides ESG training for Chinese corporate leaders 3. Green Job Seeking program offering certification for Chinese students in sustainability sectors and 4. Sustainability in US Tour which is a study tour for Chinese industry leaders focusing on green practices.

After our careful evaluation, Summer Camp, Sustainability in US Tour, and Training the Trainer business models were recommended. These recommendations are predicated on their potential for high impact, alignment with strategic goals, and anticipated profitability. The program's adoption of these models is expected to not only fulfill educational gaps but also to significantly advance corporate sustainability initiatives worldwide, ensuring long-term environmental, social, and governance success.






Li, Ruiqing, and Yongjun Chen (2024). ENV+ MP Report. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10161/30509.

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