Paper Airplanes: An Interview with Akram Zaatari—Artist, Archivist and Curator

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"The spectrum of contemporary nonfiction films from the MENA region is huge, as can be seen from a cursory glance at the catalogs of many international and local festivals.







Dore Bowen

Research Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Dore Bowen, PhD, writes on modern and contemporary art, focusing on photography and installation. In her research she examines how artists employ various media to reflect on the limits of experience within modernity, or to propose new kinds of experience. Her writing explores methods that highlight the experiential, including phenomenology and queer feminist art history.

In 2019 Bowen published Bruce Nauman: Spatial Encounters, with Constance M. Lewallen (University of California Press), instigated by her 2018 reinstallation of Nauman’s San Jose Installation (Double Wedge Corridor with Mirror) (1970). Currently, she is completing a monograph charting the diorama from 1822 to the present, focusing on the counter-modern experience of time cultivated in these visual displays. Bowen also publishes in anthologies, peer-reviewed journals, and arts magazines. She is an editor-at-large for the Brooklyn Rail.
Aside from Nauman’s San Jose Installation, Bowen has curated many exhibitions, including Early Man on a Modern Road (Quinson, France, 2009), and the paired exhibitions Soit dit en passant (Marseille, 2006) and Not Given: Talking of and Around Photographs of Arab Women (San Francisco, 2007), both of which focused on the way keywords lend a gendered meaning to photographs held at the Arab Image Foundation. Her work has been supported by fellowships and grants from the Camargo Foundation, Clark Art Institute, Centre Allemand d’histoire de l’art, and the Getty Center. See Bowen's website for more information. 


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