US Patent 6209995 - Ink Reservoir, Ink Reservoir Refill Container, and Ink Refill Process

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Grune, Guerry
Stow, II, Richard I
Watcher, Heidi

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An ink replacement reservoir, refill container and refill method are provided. The replacement reservoir is reusable, and is used as an initial replacement for a previous single-use only reservoir. Once the initial replacement has been effected, subsequent replenishment of the reusable reservoir is accomplished utilizing a refill container or bottle. Since the refill container or bottle need not interface or fit within the confines of the image forming apparatus, it can be of a simple inexpensive design. To minimize the possibility of leakage or scattering of toner, the refill container preferably mates with the reusable replacement reservoir so that the refill container is opened only when mating with the reservoir and so that the refill container must be closed in order to disengage the refill container from the reservoir.







Grune, Guerry, II Stow and Heidi Watcher (2001). US Patent 6209995 - Ink Reservoir, Ink Reservoir Refill Container, and Ink Refill Process. Retrieved from



Guerry Grune

Adjunct Professor in the Engineering Graduate and Professional Programs

Guerry has authored over 50 publications and technical disclosures, as well as over 100 U.S. and international patents either pending or granted listing him as either sole or joint inventor. In 2004, Guerry began full-time activities as the Principal of, and since then has provided full Intellectual Property development for NC State University (in their Tech Transfer Office), additional Fortune 500 companies including Solvay, Praxair (now Linde), and Exponent and was appointed IP director for Cable Components Group, Ennis-Flint (formerly Flint Trading), AG Essence, and others. 

In addition, US Patents 8,326,851 and 10,262,028 were granted to Dr. Grune that describe a portion of his teaching methodology on patent valuation.

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